A year ago I invested some money with Welbeck Wealth. This was money placed on account with Welbeck to purchase properties.

I signed a contract that clearly stated that any unallocated funds would be refunded to me.

I bought one property through them and requested refund of the remaining unallocated funds about 6 months ago.

Since then I’ve spoken to one person in the company, they sent me one email asking which property I had purchased and that was all I heard from them.

They now ignore my letters and don’t return my calls and I KNOW for a fact that I’m not the only one in this situation.

If you are owed money by Welbeck Wealth, use comments to leave your story.

  1. Catherine

    These are the excuses I have heard from some one called Cathy Booth at Welbeck for not refunding my money:
    1. we don’t have the money anymore.
    2. the person working for us who dealt with you didn’t keep good records so we don’t know exactly what money we owe you
    3 Its nearly the end of the month so we don’t have the funds
    4 The boss (Greg Knight) is away at the moment so I can’t ask him

    My answer to all of the above is of course IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM!

    Basically they have my money,-I have proof that they have my money (copies of cheques made out to Welbeck Wealth and bank statements) – the contract I signed with them clearly states that any money is fully refundable- and they are not honouring this contract.

    Welbeck Wealth wants us to think they are a professional organisation. So far I see no evidence of that at all. They ignore my letters which is not only unprofessional but just downright RUDE.

    Anyone out there thinking of handing over any money to this company – watch out!

  2. arjunan

    I submit that :
    1 – follow the Pre-Action Protocol ine Civil Procedure Rules in accordance with the Over-riding Objective, to treat the matter fairly etc… by writing a Pre-Action Letter.
    2 – make an online application on Money Claim Online to pursue matter.
    3 – go to court by yourself, the Court has a duty to help create a fair hearing.
    4 – if the Defendant does not attend you win by Default and a Default Judgement is issued.

    5 – make an application to enforce judgement and provide the account information to be frozen.


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