So, bored by waiting I call the extension of a Cathy Booth to let her know I’ll be down to Welbeck HQ in the morning to collect the cheque. But Cathy doesn’t seem too happy about this. She tells me they’re having some problems with cash flow. I tell her this isn’t my problem. Then she tells me not to worry, that I’ll get the money, but before she can say…’in the mail’, I tell Cathy Booth I want an appointment with the someone so I can talk about picking up the cheque in the morning.

Cathy Booth puts me on hold while she goes to speak to something called a ‘Greg Knight’, something it seems that has more power than a Cathy Booth.
I wait for a while and then the Cathy Booth comes back on the line to tell me the cheque will be coming in the mail.

No, I tell the Cathy Booth, I will be there in the morning to pick it up.
The Cathy Booth then starts to throw around her muscle.
‘You won’t get past security,’ she tells me.
Which almost makes me giggle.

I’ll be down there at Welbeck HQ, I tell cathy Booth, at 8.30 am and I want my cheque for 8 thousand pounds waiting for me at the desk. ‘It will be minus a 1% finders fee,’ the Cathy Booth then lets me know, hesitation in her voice.
‘I don’t think so, Cathy Booth,’ I say, ‘I’ve looked at the contract and all fees have been paid.’

The fact is, someone on the inside of the Welbeck company has seen the file that says I will be receiving 8 thousand pounds. I don’t let Cathy Booth know this, I’ll keep this as ammunition just in case she doesn’t give me a cheque for 8 thousand. Then the Cathy Booth does a most extraordinary thing for the representative of a major investment company.

She hangs up on me.

The following is what Welbeck say about themselves…of course, it isn’t what I’d say about them.


Welbeck Wealth specialise in a variety of areas from conventional financial planning to more sophisticated tax solutions. Whether you require personal or business advice, you have access to a wealth of experience through professional consultants who are experts in their field.

Regardless of your personal circumstances or monetary status, our aim is to deliver cost effective compliant solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Our consultants will use the combined resources, knowledge and experience available through the various divisions that make up Welbeck Wealth, to ensure you achieve all your financial objectives.”

BULLSHIT! I wouldn’t give them 10p to go down to the shops for me.

  1. davedog

    Wow – someone hung-up on you.

  1. 1 Welbeck Where? « Welbeck Group, I want my money back!

    […] sent to him, and that was also ignored. It was after the ignoring of both of these letters and the hanging up of the phone by Cathy Booth that I went down to the office and demanded a cheque from […]

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