…think I shan’t!

Something about Welbeck Wealth and Cathy Booth and Greg Knight has wound me up very tightly.
I can imagine that if Cathy Booth or Greg Knight were owed 8000 pounds by someone to whom they had paid their money in good faith, expecting good and perhaps friendly service in return, they’d be well pissed off to find themselves in this situation.

Do people like Cathy Booth and Greg Knight leave their humanity at home when they go to the office? How are business people, or people involved in business, taught to behave on business courses? See, the thing I find disturbing about ‘business people’ is that for them it is ALL and ONLY about money. Obviously people who go to business people, or financial advisors with the idea of making some money are probably a little bit hungry for the ‘greeback’ too, but probably not as ravenous as one who spends several years studying it at university.

I have nothing against business people, only those who don’t return my calls when I want my money from them, people like Welbeck Wealth,
people like Cathy Booth who when finally confronted with the prospect of REAL ACTION, ie; a one-man picket line outside her office, behave extremely unprofessionally by hanging up on me.

I didn’t raise my voice to Cathy Booth, I was not rude, I simply told her that I would be at the office of Welbeck Wealth at 8:30 am to collect my cheque. Perhaps what cathy Booth didn’t like was that I wanted to take money FROM her rather than give it TO her.

It is better to give than to receive, innit.

You’ll find that out tomorrow, Cathy Booth, Greg Knight and Welbeck Wealth.

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