Lots of people have been sending me emails about what Welbeck Wealth have threatened to do to me.  Some say they’re outraged, some feel sorry for me, some are just supportive. Those emails have made me think about what it actually FEELS like when someone threatens to sue you for defamation.

Let me tell you what it doesn’t feel like.

  • It doesn’t feel like your girlfriend has dumped you and is now having sex with the guy who’s moved into your spare room.
    So the feeling isn’t heartbreak.
  • It doesn’t feel like when you see an ad on TV from one of those charities asking for money to protect children who are being bashed senseless by their own parents.
    So the feeling isn’t pity.
  • It doesn’t feel like when you see a news article where yet another priest has been found to have been serially abusing children for years on end while the Catholic church protected him, moved him from parish to parish so he could start all over again with new victims.
    So the feeling isn’t rage.
  • And it doesn’t feel like hearing over the telephone that your father is dead, or that your aunt’s cancer has returned, this time in the lungs.
    So the feeling isn’t sorrow.

No one’s threatening to accuse me of murder, or aggravated assault or paedophilia or…lying.
Let’s put this into perspective.
I’m being threatened with the being sued for defamation.
And I’m being threatened with a defamation suit because after months of being privately ignored by Welbeck Wealth, I publicly told the story of their refusal to hand over £8000.

There we are, all put into perspective.

Oh…and here’s a link* that states their annual turnover to be around 12 million pounds.

*4th posting down

And here you can read about what happened when I went down to the office to try to get the money.

And here you can read about why this all started.

And this has been going on for TWO years now.

  1. These are the sort of people who are the undoing of civilization. Their sleazy practices are outright theft, dressed up as “policy”. One prototype was a commonplace in China for centuries, until Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This says a lot about Welbeck’s top tier people, that they make one of history’s greatest official atrocities look like enlightened governance. Is it defamatory for me to say so? I certainly hope so, for that is my earnest and eminently justified intention.

  2. ciara

    12 million pounds and you want £8000 back? It beggars belief the amount of crap you have put up from this company. And now they are suing for defamation? I can’t help but wonder what they are scared about……………………………….

  3. Ade

    Jack, you are right people live like animals all over the workd so people like these can have their meat. The torys will make the whoel country go like these people. the only way to deal with thees greeds is the stand up at them. Politicials should look to china to build a fare society for the people.

  4. thisisjamierussell

    An unfortunate affair for sure….has Welbeck at any point offered you ANYTHING to sort this mess out at any point?

    Any PR guru or legal eagle would surely recommend trying to solve the problem without litigation.

    Assume if they did it must have been less than £2k? Just odd this blog has been here for a year and legal action happens happens now with no negotiation of any kind?

    Is that right blogger?

    Reckon that £2k or whatever you were after will soon be overtaken by your own solicitor’s fees!!! Maybe you should use the interweb to get a fighting fund together.

  5. Ade

    They mess you around for 2000 you should demand 4000!!
    beware lawyer will try to keep half.

  6. Jay

    Blogger is this you?


    It looks like you, why not hunt them down like those challenor people. Good blog


  7. TheKomplainer

    Wow, i just had a look at that link. Looks like you’re advocating tracking people down and intimidating them physically.

    And that is someone else who ripped you off? One might be forgiven for thinking that you’re either not very good with money or you tend to complain about things a lot.

  8. PompousPilate

    £12m, that’s still an SME isn’t it? Hardly a big corporation. Haven’t you been to the small claims court to sort this?

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