the Small Claims Court, The Welbeck Group and Me.

As the Welbeck Group have apparently digested the fact that their case of defamation and malicious falsehood against US carries no weight, and it seems they’ve forgotten they still owe ME money, I’M taking steps to retrieve the money through other channels.
I’ve made a complaint against them to the Financial Ombudsman for their appalling treatment of us and their refusal to not only pay the money back, but to acknowledge they even owe it.
We’re waiting to hear about the outcome of the complaint.

Next up is I’ll pursue the Welbeck Group through the small claims court.

On a brighter note, in the week that the Welbeck Group relaunched their re-branded selves, this blog reached 13000 hits ( a 400% increase in 2months).
Thousands of people have seen this blog who would not have done so had Welbeck paid me back the money they owe. I may not be in their league financially, I’m certainly not one of their rich city clients, but none the less I signed a contract with the Welbeck Group in good faith and expect them to honour it. Not only have they not honoured the contract, they subsequently used the old ignore/bully/ignore tactic to try to get US to go away.

The most stupid of their tactics, and possibly most telling of the Welbeck Group modus operandi, was to post comments to this blog from their own offices (I traced the IP address) questioning, among other things, whether the author of this blog hates men.

Let me assure you ‘Ade’ and ‘Jay’ and ‘Ex City Financial’, the gang of 3 from the Welbeck Group offices, the author does not hate men.
In fact the author really, really likes a lot of men.
The author likes-
Her brothers
Her friend Joe
Her friend Chris
Barack Obama
Larry David
Roger Federa
and Christopher Hitchens.

The author dislikes men who sign contracts they then refuse to honour.
Men who ignore emails and letters from their customers to whom they own money.
Men who promise that if she doesn’t remove this blog she will be taken to court and will lose the court case.
Men who threaten to sue her and then not only don’t carry out the threat, but go *poouffe* and are heard from no more.
And Mel Gibson.

  1. chris

    Hi there
    I’ve been reading this blog with interest since being cold-called a couple of weeks ago by these guys, and want to say a huge thank you to you for writing it and exposing the shabby treatment you received. I then came across a similar issue with another company that was a City Financial spin-off – Perfect Day/Abelstoke; read this, if you haven’t seen it already:
    Frightening how people who are intrusted with large amounts of hard-earned money treat people!! I sincerely hope that your latest action results in you getting the remainder of your money back.
    best regds

  2. jasminewetcocker

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your comment.
    I hope a lot of other people will be wary of the Welbeck Group once they’ve read this because if they can treat us like this, then they can treat anyone like it.

    Perhaps we were naive to get involved with a company that cold calls but they didn’t behave so badly in the beginning it was only when they had to honour a contract to hand back money that they began to behave very shiftily.

    Who knows if we’ll get anything back from them.
    We hear nothing from them now but perhaps they’ll get a gentle reminder of our existence when the Financial Ombudsman gets in touch with them

    I’ll have a look at that blog now,


  3. Ian

    thanks been cold called as well.

    was dubious and thought i’d check it out online.

    they probably can’t afford to sue you by the sounds of it!!!

    i think that says it all.

    thanks for your time and effort .

    • jasminewetcocker

      Hi Ian,
      I don’t know if they can afford to sue us or not, but they certainly DO NOT seem to want to give back the money they owe.
      Perhaps the Financial Ombudsman will have a quiet word with them when he gets time.

      I’m glad you found the blog.
      Lots of others are too.

  4. alsocoldcalled

    I have also had the awful experience of being cold called by a sales person from Welbeck. What confuses me most however is why they are commenting themselves on this blog!?

    • jasminewetcocker

      Hi alsocoldcalled,

      I don’t know they were commenting.
      Perhaps getting their jollies in the office at snack time while they were chowing down on their Go Bars and flicking through the pages of Nuts .
      Who knows, really.

      They were commenting ‘anonymously’ but because so many of these comments were coming from the same IP address, I traced it and found they coming from their office.
      I ignored them for quite a while but then one of them asked if I hated men and that annoyed me because it was just childish and provocative.
      Maybe they got a slap for that because the comments suddenly stopped.

      I’d be interested to hear more about your ‘awful experience’ of being cold called by them.

  5. Catherine

    UPDATE: Still trying to file a small claims against Welbeck Group. The forms are a nightmare and instructions back from HMCS are very confusing. I have a Master of Science degree and even so find the process very difficult. No wonder most people don’t bother! Anyway Welbeck Group, I AM bothering and once I have all the forms completed to Her Majestys Court Service satisfaction there will be an envelope arriving on your mat………

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