The Welbeck GroupFriday we received a letter from the Financial Ombudsman asking for a few more documents in relation to our dealings with the Welbeck Group.

Readers of this blog might like to see some of the correspondence and documentation from our dealings with Welbeck.

I’m attaching a letter sent to Greg Knight, Head Honcho of the Welbeck Group, which was ignored.
A second letter was sent to him, and that was also ignored.
It was after the ignoring of both of these letters and the hanging up of the phone by Cathy Booth that I went down to the office and demanded a cheque from them.

I was given a check but it was almost 2,500 pounds short of what they owed.
As yet, they still haven’t admitted that they owe this money even though we have all the documentation proving that the money is still outstanding.

For more than 2 years we’ve been trying to get this money back, and that’s the main reason for keeping this blog.
The Welbeck Group seem incapable of admitting that they owe this money.

I don’t understand why.

Unless of course they’ve lost all their documentation.

But that’s no excuse.

When the Welbeck Group threatened to sue us for defamation, our solicitor sent them all the documents they might require, which PROVE they still owe this money.

All they have to do is LOOK at the documents and even do some adding up.
They should be able to do that, they offer financial services after all.
My partner, the one they ripped off, is a teacher, not even of maths, and she can add up better than the Welbeck Group can.

If you’ve found this blog after being cold called by the Welbeck Group, I’m not saying they’ll treat you as they treated us, as in sign a contract, take your money, refuse to give the money back, ignore, then bully, then threaten to sue you because you told the TRUTH about how they treated you.
But, on the other hand, there must be a lot of other companies around offering the same services that don’t have a negative blog written about them.
Someone once told me they thought the Welbeck Group were refusing to hand the money back because of ‘principle’.
This has nothing to do with principle.
The Welbeck Group signed a contract, decided not to honour it.

So then, you decide if you’d like to hand money over to these people!

  1. Scott

    I have just received a call from a recruitment person at Welbeck for a phone interview then googled them and this information came up. Now do I go to the interview or not? Or do you want to attend the interview and pretend to be me…

  2. jasminewetcocker

    Hey Scott,
    Why not go along?
    Maybe Welbeck will work out well for you.
    Maybe they’ll make/save you looooooads of money.
    It didn’t work out quite that way for us, but you might be lucky.

    If you do go, be sure to give the gang at Welbeck my regards, and keep an eye out for the cabinet with all those trophies and awards for customer service.

    All the best.

  3. A Graduate

    I went for an interview with Welbeck a couple of months back, having easily found your story with a quick google search beforehand I decided to go anyway and to perhaps ask them about it. After being told by the partner who was interviewing me that they had never had an unhappy customer I couldn’t resist and decided to ask them if they really meant never….and he insisted yes….so I told them I had read your blog and he got rather uncomfortable very quickly and said he had vaguely heard something about it! If the company whom I was partner to had an unhappy customer with a blog in the top 3 google results which, received more hits than my company website I would hope I had heard a bit more than “vaguely” about it. Jokers. Oh and guess what, I didn’t get the job 😛

    • jasminewetcocker

      Trust me, they’ve had a very unhappy customer.
      Why do Welbeck need a ‘troubleshooter’ such as the one who got in touch with us after more than a year when this blog started to become and issue for them?

      Jokers, for sure.

      Hope you got another job with a company that has ONLY happy customers..

  4. Former Worker

    Scott, do not work for them mate, biggest waste of 6 months mate. They promise you the earth and deliver nothing. If your fresh out of Uni or a recent grad then I would AVOID this at all cost.

    They will sell you a job at interview but you’ll be cold calling all day every day and nothing else.

  5. henry parney

    Welbeck collapsed earlier this year. The real ‘high flyers’ have now set up a very reputable outfit called Stonebridge Wealth (including head honcho himself). Check them out for more great customer service. Personally they gave me horrendous advice as well, which I avoided investing in despite the bullying tactics……

  6. The Scotsman

    Stonebridge Wealth LLP AKA Welbeck 2 – A company’s character is often a reflection of the main ‘players’ within it. If you cut a slice through Welbeck it would have looked like a stick of Rock. it would have had the letters G r e g K n i g h t all the way through it. If you cut through Stonebridge Wealth…..Guess what? G R E G K N…….

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