Challenor Property, Welbeck Wealth- Bad luck or just bad?

About a year before she handed over money to Welbeck Group for property investment, my partner had been contacted by another company called Challenor Property.
After a thorough Google search, she found no bad reviews about them so decided to join their ‘club’, hand over a pot of money really, to do the same thing Welbeck had said they’d do.
A lot of things were promised by Challenor Property; hand-holding throughout the property buying process, a mentor to help you and look after your particular portfolio. All the usual bullshit really.
Not many of their promises materialised.
In fact, EXACTLY the same thing happened as at Welbeck.
Again money was owed on completion of a deal.
Money they DISPUTED they owed but which, contractually, they did owe.
Yet again we had to call and call and call to find someone who would accept responsibility and deal with the situation, someone who would actually admit they owed them money and send a cheque.
This time though, after calling and calling and emailing and emailing, we did get a cheque.
Then, several months later, another cheque was owed.
This time it wasn’t paid back because, sadly for a lot of people who invested a lot more money than my partner, Challenors stopped answering their phones and simply shut down.
I must have called them about 30 times in the 2 weeks before they closed down and right up until the phones stopped working they were telling me the cheque was in the mail.
Telling porky pies about cheques is very naughty.
So, when Challenors closed down I started a blog about them, too.
Here’s the link.

And you can read here what finally happened to them.

You might think I’m a serial revenge-blogger.
But I’m not.
I bought a Kodak Zi8 last year and it broke.
So I phoned the company I bought it from, they answered the phone, told me to send the camera back and they replaced it.
I didn’t need or want to start a blog about them.
They did what they said they’d do in their contract; replace a faulty item.

Challenor didn’t honour their contract.

Nor did the Welbeck Group.

  1. Catherine

    I am in the USA at the moment where of course customer service is king. I have no doubt that people here also get treated badly by financial companies, but it is refreshing to be in a culture where the treatment of customers is put very high on the list of things one must do, especially if you work in a service industry. I have noticed that this is even more so now that the USA is in a recession and jobs are difficult to come by. Maybe Greg Knight should come and spend s0me time over here and see what good customer service is all about?

    I read on the BBC news web site yesterday that over 100,00 jobs were lost in the financial sector in the UK since the recession started, and only the biggest and the best would survive. Whilst I have no doubt that this probably means – “those who make the most money for us “, it must also include “those who get the least complaints from customers” as customer complaints = losing money. Investors are thinking even more carefully about where to put their money these days and thorough due diligence on investment companies is even more important. Thats why this blog is doing such a good job. Greg Knight and others at the Welbeck Group must be hating the fact that this blog is now number 1 in a Google search, as investors doing this due diligence are even more likely to find this blog and be warned off.

    But the Welbeck Group only have themselves to blame. If they would just get down off their high horse and settle this dispute with us, then this would all go away for them. Instead they continue to ignore us and hope WE will go away. They should know by now that this isn’t going to happen. Far from it. The matter is currently with the Financial Ombudsman and will be taken to small claims if the FO cannot sort this out. The media are showing interest and in the meantime the blog will continue to run and run – attracting more hits every day (400 yesterday).

    The Chanellor Property blog shows just what can be done by the perseverance of disgruntled customers networking over the internet (for those who blogged that there was no case against the “Chanellor 4” – you were wrong weren’t you?!)

    Greg Knight, Steve O-P, Cathy Booth, – we are waiting for your call…….

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