The Welbeck Group, the Small Claims Court & Me

So, Sunday I emailed The Welbeck Group Troubleshooter (yes, Welbeck have someone employed especially to shoot trouble), because after the Financial Ombudsman said they couldn’t help us (something to do with the property scheme Welbeck were running being unregulated oby the FSA) I wanted to ask whether Welbeck might like to pay back the money they still owe my partner before we started the small claims procedure.*

The result?
Well, let’s put it this way – Welbeck excel at ignoring us.

I’ve just ordered Small Claims Procedure-A Practical Guide by Patricia Pearl.
I don’t know much about law stuff, but I’m sure I’ll have fun learning.

Oh and the image, it’s a badge I made for one of the followers of this blog.
I crossed out the rude word in case there are children in the room.

*And I also emailed Watchdog and the Guardian consumer complaints guy.

  1. Catherine

    Small Claims application form sent off yesterday. Will keep everyone posted on its progress….

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