The story of the Welbeck Group’s threat of a defamation suit against me is now gaining some attention in other corners of the web, check out the podcast below on

Here’s the link for the interview, all about new media and defamation law.
My stepson, a journalist and blogger, mentions the saga, though without naming names.

It’s an interesting interview if you’re a consumer thinking about ‘outing’ a company that has given you appalling customer service or dodgy products.
Businesses now have to realise that their reputation is open to review all over the internet.
I started this online campaign as a last resort, after Welbeck had ignored, for months and months, phone calls and emails about the refund of £8000 to my partner.
When I finally got their office manager on the phone (an ‘insider’ kindly slipped me her personal extension), I promised her I would ‘slate your company all over the internet’ if I didn’t get the full refund.
I didn’t get the full refund, and thus this blog exists.

We are now attempting to get the money back via small claims.
That won’t cover the costs of paying for a solicitor we engaged after the Welbeck Group threatened to sue us for defamation.

If you’re a blogger afraid of law suit my advice is don’t write anything that isn’t true and if you find yourself on the receiving end of a legal threat, get a good solicitor.

In June this year, with approximately 3000 hits on the blog, the Welbeck Group mistakenly thought they could bully me into removing it with their threat of legal action.

The result?
3 months later the hit count is 17,329.
I don’t know how many hits that is a week, I’m not very good with numbers.
And perhaps nor are the Welbeck Group because they couldn’t get their figures straight on the amount they owed my partner.

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