Welbeck Group and the Lengths I will Go To.

On Monday we posted forms off to the Small Claims Court to try to recover the money the Welbeck Group still owe.
Approximately £2,500.
After we were told by the Financial Ombudsman that the property scheme the Welbeck Group had operated was not regulated by the FSA, and therefore the FO couldn’t help us, we decided to take the Small Claims route.

It’s quite a process filling out the small claims form.
Amusingly, C made a mistake the first time filling it out online, making herself the defendent and the claimaint.
A few days later saying she received a letter from the Small Claims Court stating she was making a claim against herself.

This made us laugh.

I wonder if there’ll be giggles at Welbeck HQ when they get their letter.

On a brighter note, this blog comes up 2nd or 3rd in Google searches for Welbeck Group and Welbeck Wealth.

Oh, and below there’s a short film entitled 3 Tips for Successful Complaining.
None of these tips would have worked with Welbeck as they WOULDN’T take our calls.
What DID work was going to their office to demand a cheque.

Oh, but hang on.
That effort only a 1/4 worked, because they should have given me a BIGGGGGGGEEEERRRRR cheque.

  1. Catherine

    I have finally served the small claims form on Welbeck today. Greg Knight will find it in his in box by 1pm tomorrow. Lets see what the response is!

    The small claims process is supposed to be easy but in my case it ended up being a mine field of forms and varied and inaccurate advice from HMCS which has resulted in a delay of a month in getting the process started. You can do all of it online but if you make any mistakes on the first form you click on then it becomes a whole lot more complicated (as in my case!). The lesson of the story is don’t click “submit” until you are 200% sure everything on the form is correct!

    Anyway this just adds to the tell of woe in my/our dealings with Welbeck Group. The stress these people have caused us continues to mount but also gives us even more fodder to write about on this blog. Will keep everyone posted of course!

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