Welbeck Group and what to name or not to name a blog- What to do when wordpress.com deactivate your blog

The Welbeck Group threatened to sue me for defamationTheWelbeck Group, or Welbeck Wealth Group, blog I kept has been deactivated by wordpress.com for having breached their terms of service.

I HAD technically breached them, but not intentionally.
I had never pretended that my blog had anything to do with the Welbeck Group itself, it had simply been written about the Welbeck Group and my experience with them.
After contacting wordpress very nice boy called Andrew emailed me and suggested I start another blog and move the content there.
So I did.

I also bought the domain name thewelbeckgroupandme.com and linked it to this site.

I had thought about leaving the whole sorry Welbeck Group saga behind me, but the Welbeck Group left me further in debt by having to defend myself from their defamation suit threat, so I’ve kept blogging to act not only as a warning to others, but for anyone who is threatened with a defamation suit.

You don’t have to panic at the delivery of the first letter.
You don’t have to be bullied by a company with more money and a bigger legal team than you.
You can get a good solicitor or defend yourself and here’s some information on what you do if someone threatens you.

  1. Anon

    If you do ever go to meet someone at Welbeck, check the individual is signed off on the FSA register as many of the advisers aren’t even qualified…

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