Why not let the sleeping Welbeck dogs lie?

The Welbeck Group were dishonest in their dealings with my partner and bullying in their tactics with me.’
That’s what I told a friend yesterday when he asked why I put up another blog about the Welbeck.
‘…..and,’ I added, ‘I am now a few thousand quid in debt from solicitors fees from the Welbeck Group’s idle threat to sue me. I’d like people to know what kind of company they are’

When I told my step-son, a journalist and blogger, about the deactivation of my original blog about the Welbeck Group (welbeckwealth.wordpress.com), he worriedly wrote that he’d have to be careful about what he wrote in the future lest wordpress.com deactivate his blog.
Though you do have to be careful what you write lest you score a ‘deactivation’, I’d be more careful about what I call the blog.
If you’re writing a naming and shaming style blog, as I am, don’t name it anything to do with the name-and-shamee.
And then get some facts on defamtion conerning online publishing.
Try libelreform.org.
And here’s something from the Guardian.
Interestingly it states that Lord Lester’s bill require a company to show it had financial losses before sueing.
I’d be interested to know if we had caused them any financial harm.
Wouldn’t seem only fair as they had caused us financial harm.
Tit for tat, and all that.
Eye for an eye?

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