…in the letter I recieved threatening to sue me for defamation, appears this-

‘Publish an apology in terms to be approved by our Clients..’

They would expect ME to apologise to THEM?

‘….and for a corrective blog to appear on http://www.welbeckwealth.wordpress.com for an agreed period and in a prominent agreed location, such apology to be used by our client in any form they elect.’

And then use my apology as PUBLICITY?

  1. Anonymous

    well done for keeping this going.

  2. Anna

    I can’t believe they want you to apologise to them. That makes my blood boil.

    I hope lots of people see this so they know just what kind of ‘Customer Service’ this company offers.

  3. X

    I’ve been stung to the tune of £30,000 through prospero

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