‘They’ve owed my partner 8000 pounds for 6 months and have ignored phone calls and letters threatening them with solicitors so as a last resort I’ve come down here to try to get it myself. And now they’re pretending they’ve lost it’

They claim that  that this is damaging to their reputation from a customer service perspective but also suggests that a financial services adviser has lost cheques.

Read about this here, where I am told by the Managing Director of the company that he can’t find my cheque

“There are no women in the Krypton Cabinet”-

Welbeck Wealth are claiming that, by innuendo, I claim there is sexism operating within their organisation.

Read the post in its entirety

Read the blog from the beginning

  1. Anna

    I don’t see how writing about your personal experience can be considered defamatory. Surely, if they don’t have anything to hide they could simply explain how the problem occurred from their point of view, apologise, pay up and move on.

    As for the lack of women in the Krypton Cabinet…. again…. I wonder why they have jumped to that conclusion about why you made this observation? Have they explained that? I think if such a comment was made about my company it would make me have a good hard look at the situation and redress any imbalance in my Krypton Cabinet and in my company if I found any…. AND I would be very grateful to the person who pointed it out to me, even if they did it more by accident than design.

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    […] Wealth. As you can imagine, this irked the company somewhat, who – quite remarkably – threatened to sue for defamation (a claim they soon retracted). More importantly, Toni’s blog brought out a community of other […]

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