I’ve only been THREATENED with being sued, but the following stories are about people who have been sued for what they wrote online – on a blog, in forums, via email or tweets.

Here’s a story about a guy who wrote something Tesco didn’t like

Here’s a story about a guy who wrote a negative online review about his chiropractor.

Here’s a story about a woman who wrote a lengthy negative mass email about her art dealer

Here’s a story about a girl who tweeted about her mouldy flat

Here’s one about a guy who wrote something about a vacation club (the case was settled)

And I think this applies more to the US, but is an interesting read anyway.

  1. Susan

    I am being sued a window company because I wrote an online review of my experience with their customer service.
    I objected that they wanted to put up the price by £1400 a few days before the windows and doors were due to be fitted.
    I had no windows or doors in the extension and my home and was left for weeks as a security risk as I had to start the process of ordering again.
    In the signed contract I as the customer was not allowed to change or cancel it after 24 hours.They wanted to change it by raising the agreed quote.I could not afford that.
    They sent me infantile emails saying ” oooooooooooh” when I told them to stop threatening me and to stop contacting me.
    I feel I have been bullied and they have put my name,address,private emails and email address online for everyone to view.
    I have complained to the site and also to the Information Commissioner’s Office about the breach in data protection.
    I am a middle aged housewife and mother and not someone who has a lot of knowledge about the internet.

  2. Susan

    Thank you so much Jasmine.I am so grateful for your reply and help.
    The ICO have opened a case file .
    I posted that on the site and that might have stopped them continuing in suing me.
    I am hoping so anyway.They don’t seem to have much of a case so I have been told.I did leave a fair and accurate account in my review.
    The reviews and their posts with my details on have been deleted now .
    I did get in touch with
    Michael Harris
    Public Affairs Manager
    Libel Reform Campaign
    he was very helpful and he wants to know of any cases as their organisation is putting a case to the government for libel reform so it stops happening to people like me and you.
    You really did help me so much as I was in a panic and your email came just at the right time.
    I am sorry for my late response but I was still waiting to see if anything came in the mail.
    The Window company are bullies and if I did have the funds I would have fought them but the libel laws are not balanced in favour of people like me.
    This was said to me..”Truth is a defence for the rich or the bankrupt with many hundreds of hours to waste.”.That is a very sad statement.
    Blessings on you and your family.I hope that you get all your money back soon.
    It’s disgraceful how you have been treated.

    • Jasmine

      Hi Susan
      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad my emailed helped.
      I’ll also get in touch with the Libel Reform Campaign and let him know about my case.

      It is frightening to be threatened with legal action.
      Even though it cost quite a bit I’m glad we took legal advice when the Welbeck Group threatened to sue us.
      As I wrote, our solicitor told us it is common for companies to use the tactic of frightening/bullying a person into removing blogs or comments and that most people will withdraw what they have written.
      However, the Welbeck Group picked the wrong target.
      As you’ve probably read, we are now pursuing the money through the small claims court and are confident we’ll get the money owed.

      However, once we get the money owed, the blog will stay online.
      The Welbeck Group will have to put up with it coming second or third in Google searches.
      I hope other people in a similar situation, having been bullied and threatened by a company like the one who threatened to sue you, won’t back down.

      All the best and please let us know the outcome.

    • Catherine

      So Sorry Susan to hear about your story. Please keep us updated. If I have any advice to pass on it would be don’t let the bullies get you down – get help and advice as soon as you can. Although a solicitor costs money, a good one is worth their weight in gold. What you pay them to do is to take all the stress off your shoulders and deal with the bullies directly. Also bear in mind that if anything ever does go to court, the fact that these people attempted to bully/bribe you will not stand them in good stead with the jury or judge. There is a lot of interest about defamation/libel etc on the internet in media journalism circles at the moment which can only help us in our fight against these bullying tactics.

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