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This is an old post that I removed just in case Prospero and Lloyd Walker eventually fulfilled their promises.
They didn’t.
They have now gone in to liqudiation.
If you have had anything to do with Propsero BMV, this post might interest you.
It was originally posted in around December time.

Sit back for a story of incompetence,  mismanagement, squatters, human feces and untruths told on the phone, and via email.

Prospero are a London-based company that help you buy properties and then manage them for you.

The managing director, is a former employee of the Welbeck Group, a man called Lloyd walker

Well, thanks to Prospero’s  excellent property ‘management’ skills, the house they managed for my partner is now uninhabitable.
There is what seems to be human shit all over the floors.
There are syringes and foils from drug use scattered throughout the house.
The front door has been kicked in.
The kitchen windows smashed.
The boiler has been stolen.
The carpet will need to be totally replaced.
The back garden is so full of rubbish that we have been quoted almost 900 pounds for the removal of 2 to 3 tons of rubbish.

Wow! Prospero are like, TOTALLY GIFTED in the property management department.

Prospero’s recommended managing agent, a man called Adam Parkin, whose phone no longer rings, failed to get a tenant references or credit checks on the tenant.
For the last 6 months, as the house fell gradually further into disprepair, Prospero employees lied about what was happening with the repair of the property.
And how do I know they lied?
Because after months of frustration and futile promises, I phoned the insurance company handling the claim for damages, the company Prospero were supposedly dealing with on MP‘s behalf.
‘We’ve put the claim on the back burner’, they said, ‘because we’ve been waiting for a quote for repairs since June,’
And this was in JANUARY of this year.

At this stage you might ask why MP hadn’t done something about this herself?
Well, because she has months and months of printed emails in which Prospero and its employees promised they were taking care of things; that the reason they hadn’t been able to start work on repairs to the house were issues that lay with the insurance company.
And to be fair, one takes on someone to manage a property so one doesn’t have to do it one’s self.

As of a week ago I had a late night phone message from Prospero promising that the house would be boarded up, that the rubbish would be removed.
But now we have threatening letters from the Doncaster council because the neighbours have been complaining of the smell.
Prospero have ‘managed’ this property it into what the rubbish removal company called ‘probably the most disgusting job we have ever come across’.
Needless to say, the squatters who had moved in weren’t chipping in for the rent so MP has had ZERO rent for almost a year.

Naturally enough, my last three weeks of emails and phone calls to Prospero have gone largely ignored.
Oh, actually, I had an email from a Prospero employee on Tuesday morning saying she was sorry she hadn’t been able to get a repair quote from a contractor, or manage to have the rubbish removed.
This was three weeks after her phone call promising that she would have the house boarded and the rubbish removed the following day.

Here’s one of Prospero’s emails-

“Hi T….,
I am really sorry I have been trying my best to resolve this issue and chasing our contractor but unfortunately can’t control what is happening.
I am spoken to Lynn who is going to our leads office tomorrow so she can pick up the keys and we will arrange to send them to you.
I am still awaiting to hear back for the quotes again its out of my hands and I am really disappointed we have not been able to resolve this for you sooner.
I will be in touch tomorrow.”

Maybe Prospero ought to give me a job.
I managed both of those tasks in about an hour and a half online.
And I’m an ARTIST.
I draw pictures all day long.
I don’t call myself a property manager.
And neither should anyone from Prospero.

More to come on Lloyd Walker and Propsero….stay tuned.