The following bullet-pointed paragraph comes from the letter I received from Welbeck Wealth’s solicitor on the 23th of June threatening to sue me for defamation-

  • “I think Welbeck might have to remove their (for fair treatment of customer)* certificate unless there’s a section for companies who withhold monies owed, hang up on their clients, ignore them and then threaten that security won’t allow them in their offices to collect their money.” The ordinary meaning calls into serious question the level of customer services of the organisation and also makes specific reference to the company withholding monies owed.”

Here’s a link to post where you can read about the money-owing bit and here’s a more detailed post on how I was hung up on by Cathy Booth.

*The bracketed wording was added in the letter threatening to sue me, it doesn’t appear in the original blog

  1. Rebecca

    what a joke Welbeck, you took someones money and abused the privlidge, people trusted you, I think your a disgrace, and good luck trying to sue someone for telling the truth!

  2. skp

    terrible treatment by Welbeck

  3. smoking gun

    You made an investment, they go down as well as up, this one went down, join much of the Western world who have seen the value of their investments and property drop like a stone.
    Stop wingeing and grow a spine, you gambled and lost so accept that sh*t happens. If it had made you a ton of money you wouldn’t be on here moaning.

    • jasminewetcocker

      Smoking gun,
      You’ll find the issue isn’t about investing and losing.
      Welbeck signed a contract in which they AGREED to pay back any money not spent on purchasing properties.
      They refused to hand the money back.
      I don’t think this qualifies as an investment going up and down.
      It qualifies as them not fulfilling a contract to the tune of approximately £2,300.

  4. Catherine

    Smoking Gun obviously cant read or is choosing to put his or her own spin on the facts presented here.

    I do actually understand that the property I bought from the Welbeck Group can either go up or down in value. As Jasmine explains, this isn’t and never has been about that. Its simply about the Welbeck Group not honouring a contract they have with a client, keeping money that does not belong to them and trying to use bullying tactics to stop me trying to get my money back. Maybe I have made a ton of money from this investment and maybe I haven’t but believe me even if I had made a million quid from it I would still be pursuing the Welbeck Group for this money. At the end of the day the Welbeck Group has had over £2000 of my money in their account when contractually it should have been in mine.

    Smoking Gun – I am not an idiot, nor am I a whinger so don’t try and paint me as one.

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